May 10, 2020

Thank you 

Thank you for the Mother’s Day Flowers and the toilet paper.
Thank you for the heavy period that demands a towel to protect my bed and chair and reminds me of my body.
Thank you for the big dog’s sigh as he nuzzles in to nap.
Thank you for mostly predictable wi-fi for everyone here—nerds, real or perceived.
Thank you for the blue-indigo walls.
Thank you for the yellow lilies.
Thank you for the sprinkle donut pillow.
Thank you for these poems to lift our spirits off the page and send them out in tiny bottles into the waves.
Thank you for morning coffee.
Thank you for the memory box of trinkets.
Thank you for the laughter despite the Zoom video birthday party setting.
Thank you for keeping us alive thus far during a global pandemic.
Thank you for working so hard for your family.
Thank you for remembering to call your loved ones.
Thank you for teaching me how to fold an origami peace crane.
Thank you for replenishing what we have used up.
Thank you for caring about me.
Thank you for wearing your new pirate costume and reminding us how big you are at age 6.
Thank you for putting on your tinfoil masks and making me giggle.
Thank you for the blossoms and daisies that come back every year.
Thank you for the fava bean plant that popped up in the vegetable garden and grew taller than me.
Thank you for the blueberries that ripen every morning.
Thank you for brunch – the concept and the menu.
Thank you for dreams.
Thank you for caring for my loved ones when I can’t be with them.

Listen to Thet read the piece here:


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